• Faculty of this college of nursing believes that modern nursing is a dynamic, therapeutic and educative process in meeting the health needs of the individuals, family and the community and our education should bring all round development of the individual.
  •  We recognize that exposing the students to vast clinical experience is essential to develop their skills in managing all kinds of situations in both hospital and community settings so that theory knowledge could be correlated with the practical.
  •  We realize that communication skill facilitates the students to develop co-operation with the health team members and to provide therapeutic care to the patients as nursing is interdependent profession.
  •  We agree that nursing is basically an arts and science which necessitates to build sound knowledge on all social, biological, psychological and life sciences for the delivery of quality care.
  • We recognize the influence of science and technology in nursing profession and the students to keep abreast with current knowledge and professional trends for a successful career ahead.
  • We believe that nursing is a service to the humanity and it is our responsibility to prepare the students with desirable attitude which will enhance the professional standard.
  •  We believe that the basic course in nursing should prepare nurses as professional expertise to meet the changing health needs of the society and fulfill their expanding and extending their role in Nursing Profession.
  •  We give higher education which leads to well informed and efficient Leaders, Educators and Practitioners of nursing, thereby improving the quality of nursing.
  • We believe in the involvement of the professional nurse in shared governance, and we incorporate research and evidence-based practice in the development of standards of care.
  • We promote personal and professional growth of the students and faculty which intern supports the institutional growth.
  • We make the students exemplary citizens by instilling them a strong sense of code of ethics and professional approach in their profession.