The Student Nurses’ Association is a nationwide organization that aims for reaping the Best Nurses by sowing the seeds right from the student period. It was established at the  Nandha College of Nursing in 1998.
     The SNA Strives hard for the upliftment of the students through professional, educational, extracurricular activities.
        The board members meet together & plan the activities for the whole year under the guidance of SNA President  & SNA Advisor  .The executive committee meet regularly to plan & discuss about various activities
        The general body meeting will be conducted once in two months, where the students express their views and problems. The participants & winners of various competitions will be congratulated
The responsibilities of the vice president as follows:
•         To supervise the functions of all committees.
•         Have to organise all the programmes which will held by SNA.
•         Should act as a representative for all the students.
•         Have to take decision after discussing with other committee members and with SNA Advisor .
•         All the informations regarding students should be informed to president and SNA Advisor.
•         Should not take individual decision.
The functions of the secretary are as follows:
•         Should act as a vice president in the absence of vice president.
•         Understands the problems of students.
•         To supervise and manage the problems of various committees.
•         Encourage the committee members and students to participate in various programmes.
•         Conduct and organise the porgrammes.
The functions of the treasurer are as follows:
•         Issues money  for the various department functions.
•         Have to conduct fund raising programme every month.
•         To collect fine money in correct time.
•         Have to maintain records and receipts for all the expenses.
•         Have to report to president and all students regarding the expenditure and savings in SNA.
•         Issue money with the knowledge of vice president and secretary.
•         Avoid unnecessary expenses.
•         Has to maintain a note book which recording the income and expenditure of SNA unit.
•         Report should be submitted during the SNA meeting.
Students participate in various committees and modulate the institutional functioning for excellence 
•    The institution also has constituted various committees with student’s representation on each committee (Student Welfare, Sports, Editorial, Health, Cultural, Library, Mess, Curriculum).Groups of committee are monitored by respective faculties.
Student’s welfare Committee :
•    Discussing the common problems to the respective teachers which the students are facing in clinical, college and hostel.
•    Motivating the students to participate in various programmes
•    The students relaxes themselves by doing yoga.
•    All the students are expected to interact only in English
Sports Committee
•    The sports committee is responsible for motivating the students to take part in sports.
•     Maintaining the sports articles and  First Aid Box.
•    Helping the staff in-charge to conduct sports competitions successfully.
•    Maintaining record of the Sports events and winners list.
Editorial Committee
•    Responsible for displaying the newspapers and writing proverbs in the bulletin board
•    Editorial Committee is responsible for motivating the student to prepare wall magazine.
•    Responsible to edit articles, Literature, other current information to be published in the Magazine.
Health Committee:
•    Encourage the students to maintain healthy life style and healthy environment.
•    Helping the staff to update their health record.
•    Checking cleanliness once in a week in all the students room
•    Maintenance and updating of health record.
•    Caring of students those who fell sick and inform to the College authority.
Cultural Committee:
•    Motivate the students to participate in the cultural events
•    Schedule and conduct the cultural events
•    Costumes and other necessary things are arranged by the committee members
•    Maintaining records of  the cultural events and winner list
Library committee:
•    Motivate the students to follow the rules and regulations of the library
•    Find out from the students whether the library is user friendly
•    Feel free to task for necessary modification in library timing and utilization 
Curriculum committee:
•    Get suggestion from the students about the curriculum students friendly
•    Find out problems faced by the students in curriculum implemented strategies
•    Motivate students to develop study habits
•    Promote peer mentoring. 
Mess Committee:
•    Maintaining hygiene in Mess
•    Getting suggestion 
•    Following mess rules and regulations
•    Committee members take responsibility to monitor that no students skips the meals.
•    Reporting the problems related to the mess and inform to the mess in charge.
               The ultimate aim of education is to build a confident in individual contributing to the upliftment of society.
The SNA unit has  participated in the educational activities as follows:
•         Students participated in ZENITH-2010 –a zonal level nursing quiz competition, organized by PSG College of Nursing.
•         Students participated in Minerva -2012 –a zonal level nursing quiz competition, organized by Sri Gogulam College of Nursing.
•         Students participated in Debate  –a zonal level nursing  competition, organized by Lotus hospital ,erode           
•         Students participated Vaccine & vaccination– state level a nursing quiz competition, organized by Jkkn College of Nursing       
Sports events are conducted every year
Students are permitted to participate in state level competition

  • SNA biennial conference competition participation
  • Health Day celebration
  • College Day Celebration
  • Conducting Rally for health Awareness promotion 
  • Yoga
  •  All International day Celebration
  • All festival Celebrations like Onam, Christmas, Diwali etc.
  •   Lamp Lighting Ceremony, Nurses day, Welcome and Farewell Parties

Sports Events 
   Indoor events :                  

  • Carrom
  • Chess

Out door events :            

  • 100 mts Running
  • 200 mts Running
  • Kho-kho
  • Volley ball
  • Throw ball
  • Tennikoit
  • Jawlin
  • Shot put
  • Discuss Throw

•   SoloSong
•   GroupSong
•   Flowerdecoration
•   HairDo
•  Adaptune
•   Groupdance
•   SoloDance
•   FancyDress
•   FashionShow
•  VegetableCarving
•  WasteoutofHealth
1    Teachers day
2    Onam
3    Farewell party
4    Pongal  
5    SNA election
6    Freshers day
7    pooja
8    Christmas day
9    Sports and cultural meet
10    Lamp lighting