The following instructions have been laid down in order to maintain discipline and decorum in the institute. All students are expected to strictly comply with these instructions. Students are expected to up hold the traditions inherited from the educational institutions they have come from and inculcate such habits as a sense of pride and belonging to this institution.

  • Girl students are permitted to wear only dress code uniform both in college as well as in clinical. They should not wear mini skirts or pants.
  • Students are permitted to wear only shoes/sandals. Hawaii chappals are not to be worn in the institute during working hours.
  • Students are instructed to tie up their hair properly.


  • All students are expected to wear the identity cards provided at all times.
  • Students should report loss of Identity Card in writing to the Principal within 24 hours explaining the circumstances under which it was lost.


  • All students are expected to be punctual and attend all classes.
  • Every student should have a 100% attendance to be eligible to take the University Examination.
  • Parent/Guardians of students whose attendance is low will be intimated.
  • It will be the duty of the parent/guardian to ensure that their wards attend classes regularly and avoid recurrence of low attendance by them.


  • It is mandatory for all students to appear for the three model examinations prior to appearing to the University Examinations.
  • Students will also have to complete assignments, tutorials and attend classes and unit tests that will be conducted in the respective subjects from time to time.
  • All students are required to get a minimum of 50% marks in these tests.
  • Parents/guardians are advised to periodically meet the class in-charge /Principal / to know about the progress of their wards.
  • If found violating these instructions, the students will be solely responsible for the consequences. Ignorance of these rules and regulations will not be accepted as an excuse for any non-compliance.


  • Every student will compulsorily enroll themselves in all social and community activities.
  • Regularly yoga/meditation classes are arranged to build the overall development of the students.

 Committee Member :Prof.R.Vasanthi, M.Sc(N),Ph.d, Principal