Knowing others is intelligence. Knowing yourself is true wisdom

Yoga is a holistic practice, which helps you gain overall balance and focus. Most students experience an increase in strength and flexibility, a decrease in stress levels and tension in the muscles, and a feeling of mental clarity and peace.
A spacious hall is maintained for doing Meditation and Asanas in a lush green peaceful environment. The yoga centre, “Temple of Consciousness”, was inaugurated by Thiru. SKM.  Maeilanandhan and the College, with the aid of Erode Manavalakalai Trust, offers yoga classes for all the students and staff members.
Year  Number of students
2015-2016 194
2014-2015 194
2013-2014 202
2012-2013 198
2011-2012 198
2010-2011 196
2009-2010 198
2008-2009 180