Proctor`s Office


The office is established with an objective of enforcing discipline and controlling the student community. The college monitors the progress of the students at a closer level with the help of this office. This center takes care in assigning a minimum of 15 students to a faculty who maintains a record of the academic progress (Proctor Diary) of the students and have closer interaction with the students and provide guidance and counseling.

We offer:

  •     Time and space for you
  •     An opportunity to talk about any of your concerns
  •     An opportunity to build on and learn new skills to support yourself
  •     24 hours on and off campus safety
  •     Community Liaison to ensure that relationships between students and local residents are positive. 


The role of a Proctor includes helping students plan course schedules, aiding students when they encounter academic difficulties, thinking through with them their overall course programs and ultimate concentration plans. They are a source of guidance, consultation, and sometimes just someone with whom to celebrate an exciting moment, or to lend a shoulder to cry on.

“Being a proctor means being a role model for the students and being available to them at all times if they have questions or problems”.

The Proctor is expected to:

  • Supervise the investigation of any alleged breach of the Student Conduct Regulations. This will involve interviewing students and keeping a written record of such meetings.
  •   Call for a meeting of the students during assigned hours or at the convenience of both faculty and students but it happens at least once in a week.
  • Report to the Chief Proctor/HOD/Principal about those students who avoid meeting the Proctor
  • Have meetings with the parents if needed and serve as a bridge between parents and the teachers. Keep the parents appraised about the academic progress and general behavior of their wards