The Trained Nurses Association of India

     The Trained Nurses Association of India (TNAI) is a National Professional Association of Nurses is established in 1922.
The purposes of TNAI are:
•    Upholding the dignity and honour of the nursing profession.
•    Promoting a sense of esprit de corps among all nurses.
•    Enabling members to take counsel together on matters relating to their profession .


TNAI is functioning for last 100 years and marching ahead with increasing speed and strength. TNAI has existed through rough weather, rough waters, and turbulences, because it has never deviated from the values.The organization of the TNAI makes it possible for all nurses to participate at some level. Beginning with the local unit, which is usually made up of personnel in a specific institution, the level of organization moves to the district, state and national levels The aims of the TNAI center upon needs of the individual member and problems in the nursing profession as a whole. Such aims include Up-Grading, Development and Standardization of Nursing Education; Improvement of Living and Working Conditions for Nurses in India and Registration for Qualified Nurses.